All of these pages were created due to a need for students' practice of Chinese and my practice of Webpage and computer enhanced learning. In this spirit, I want to keep creating.

Chinese Colors: This is a little component I created to show instructors the different things Flash can do -- at a fairly basic level. In the process, I created a rather limited tool for anyone who wants to practice their colors in Chinese.
Pinyinteroids: A pieced together Pinyin Practice version of the classic Asteroids arcade game. Special thanks to Aaron Silvers at Macromedia for his Asteroids tutorial that answered a great many questions. Also need to thank the scoreboard tutorial author.
Speaking Chinese: A small Flash text for the beginning Chinese learner. Used for Continuing education class, but good for anyone starting out. The very basics. (The exercises section was mostly done in class, so there is nothing really there... yet).

© 2004 Alan Peterka
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