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Mandarin Tools

February 26, 2006 By: Pei Category: Pinyin Practice Comments Off on Mandarin Tools

An old link revisited. This is some seriously helpful FREE software for you from The Dimsum program has many time saving features for teachers, but I think those of us trying to learn or continuing to learn will find great benefit here too — just don’t use it as simply a crutch. In other words, don’t just have it do all your dictionary work for you. Your reading skills need to be challenged at times. As your mind struggles to find the meaning of a sentence without a quick gloss, you will learn too. But, I suppose you can also learn those words you needed to gloss by copying and pasting them to a list later or just highlighting them in your vocab list. Can you tell, I am excited?!


February 21, 2006 By: Pei Category: Pinyin Practice Comments Off on Website

I have been quiet here. Overextending myself as usual. So many projects. So little time. I really want to make these activities more available to people. I am experimenting with installation software, but this is new to me. Anyway, I thought I would share this site with everyone:

20 questions

Available both in simplified and traditional characters. Great reading exercise!