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incredible photoblog

November 30, 2006 By: Pei Category: Pinyin Practice 2 Comments →

Oh wow. If you haven’t yet seen Dan Eckstein’s, put aside some time and let the images take you back or to China for the first or 28th time. You’ll be inspired to study more! And just in time for finals here in the U.S.

Sparrow Quartet on Danwei

November 11, 2006 By: Pei Category: Pinyin Practice Comments Off on Sparrow Quartet on Danwei

It’s another fantastic episode of! It combines two, no three of my greatest interests: Chinese, banjo and beer. I actually have this great memory from when I first studied in China in 1991-2. We found this hole in the wall music shop and these two rocker-styled guys were working there. They played for us a bit and just hung out. I guess you had to be there, but serious rocker-guys in China in the early 90’s were not easy to come by. Did I mention they knew John Lennon songs?