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Beijing Made Easy (dot com)

January 21, 2007 By: Pei Category: Pinyin Practice 1 Comment →

Every so often I receive requests to add a link to these pages — usually to other sites who are working to deliver a slice of China or Chinese. And in return the other site might add a link to these pages. It helps direct traffic between sites and might possibly result in higher Google rankings. So that’s cool.

Since links are a bit like a business association (or advertising), I like to be a bit selective with who I add to my site. When contacted me this morning I was suspicious. The name sounded like too much travel sales and not enough learning. But I was wrong. This site has the goods. Will it really make Beijing easy? I don’t know for sure. But I did find the organization and amount of cultural information refreshing. Even if you are not going to Beijing, this site could prove valuable (check out the section on Drinking Rules).

Simplification article and old poll

January 03, 2007 By: Pei Category: Pinyin Practice Comments Off on Simplification article and old poll

I was recently made aware of the language log site. Some smart people writing articles on language. The article by Bill Poser entitled “Notes on Chinese Character Simplification” is worth a read and prompted me to re-open the old poll forcing us all to pick our orthographic pony. Chinese Philadelphia Food, also posted by Bill, is another good one.