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3 Greate Ways to Create Flashcards

September 15, 2009 By: Pei Category: Characters, Learning Chinese, Reviews, website 2 Comments →

Flashcards are a staple for language learners. Carrying a flip book or rubberbanded stack of index cards with characters on one side and pronunciation and definition on the other is a great just-in-time study tool. But let’s get a bit more with the times and look to the web for help with creation – and your next test will be róngyì times ten!

1. Ediscio – Feature rich flash card system largely focused on the Leitner system of grouping known and unknown cards into stacks to practice at different intervals. Registration is required. You can download cardboxes and print if you want. Plenty of other features too, including graphical progress charts and graphs.

2. Ting – A flash application. I like flash.  All based off of PCR texts, but the database is downloadable and therefore customizable. Audio downloads are part of the system. Nice.

3. Vocab Chinese – A java application. Nice features including sentence level practice with audio files. Not really a flashcard application creation tool except that you can add your own items if you follow the procedure for doing so. Based on Integrated Chinese text series.

I didn’t look too hard for these. Anyone else have favorites?

Popup Chinese

December 22, 2008 By: Pei Category: Pinyin Practice, website Comments Off on Popup Chinese

You’ve probably already discovered several Chinese learning websites. But do yourself a favor and be sure to check out Popup Chinese. This website is both elegantly designed and technologically savvy. The podcast recordings are high quality and engaging – the couple I listened to just now impressed me – the language is genuine and useful. The Tools — dictionary, adsotrans, and newsinchinese — are easy to use and just slick. Can you tell I am impressed?! Take a look at the clickable dictionary search functionality:

And the dictionary is user editable too. So, when you are done with you Pinyin activities, check out Popup.